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Wrote it today


‘No more!’ she said to herself,
As she threw away the blade.
Her heart is saying otherwise,
‘No one can live forever...’ it tells her.
‘…. Why not just end it now?’,
She wants to live out her life,
Live it like there was no tomorrow.
Her heart is urging her to run back and get the blade,
To hurt herself even more.
She’s using all her will power,
To stop herself from making a mistake.
She thinks of everyone who loves her,
And the reason she did this in the first place.
She wants to just cry,
But she needs to be strong.
She feels emptiness in the room,
Without the sound of blood dripping to the floor.
It’s quiet,
Almost too quiet for her.
She runs and grabs the blade,
And the room is filled with the sound of blood…. and a scream.
She didn’t think of everyone who loves her,
And who will miss her.
All she thought about was the cause of her pain,
And now she can’t go back and change what she did.
Now there are people who will suffer for her actions,
And they will miss her dearly.
If only she knew that there were people there,
They were there for her.
And people she could’ve talked to,
And gotten help.
But she blocked everyone out,
Except her.
Now she will be the person to suffer the most,
Since today is her birthday.
She has just turned 16,
There was a car waiting for her.
But now her parents will get the biggest present,
When they walk in and see their baby girl dead.
She led the best life she could,
Without all the distractions she had she would’ve been fine.
But now there is no one to blame,
But herself.
No one forced her,
No one pushed her.
Today was her big day,
Everyone was at the door with her presents.
Her mom came to get her,
And all they heard was a loud scream.
Her dad came running,
And he then saw what became of his baby girl.
He didn’t believe it,
It didn’t sink in until the funeral.
As she was being lowered,
He couldn’t stand it anymore.
And broke out in hysterics,
And fell to his knees.
All they hear throughout the house,
Is nothing.
Only the wind blowing through her room,
And the sound of her voice going through their heads.
Laughing, giggling, and talking,
She is missed more than she thought.
Now her only her spirit lives on walking the halls in her house,
Watching over her family and friends.
And watching her younger sister grow up and becoming just like her,
A cutter.
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