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Breathe On

Young lives wasted
Day in Day out
Taking a puff of this a hit of that
Killing the lungs needed by one
Just to survive
Not because he smoked,
Not due to second hand smoke
Because of an illness

He thought he was fine
Just like his twin
But he was so wrong
Everyone knew the day he passed out
Something wasn’t right

He hasn’t been back since
But is still holding on
The local community knows
And the city wide press has told
“Pulmonary Hypertension” is the problem
This teen faces

But he is not alone
The whole school and his family
Are working to help
So that he can
Breathe On

Dedicated to: Justin Martinez, Age 17

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I wrote that in the middle of history class this morning because he sat right infront of me and I looked at my wrist and his empty chair... I wrote it in a hurry..

tell me what you think
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