staish (anastasia_says) wrote in brokencalm,


I haven't felt so wonderful in such a long time and these words just...washed over me. It's still pretty unpolished. Let me know what you think, if anything at all.

Trace fire over my skin
I want to let it all, feel it all, experience and give in to
the osmosis of the world sliding in

This is everything
gently unlatching the door to a soul
A sweet unravelling of threads and
I am, I am

Love me,
allow me to drink in the sky with quiet naivete
And make fists in the palette of water and wine
...don't tell them about me
stealing colours to make fingerpainted messes: it's all I could create

Love me all the same.

Come to me tomorrow when my eyes are no longer so clear
trace those flames across my skin when the moment is gone
It's just a scar
from a life so beautiful that I need moments tattooed into me,
for when always begins

Touch me again
With feathers for fingers and the scent of burnt coffee following
catalogue these days for everyone to understand
the depth of pain in broken porcelain
the poignancy of the owl calling a name
the last gasp, the awakening, the burn of becoming...
This is everything
the osmosis of the world sliding in
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