sets the darkness echoing (ziarre) wrote in brokencalm,
sets the darkness echoing

The Liquid Hours

Everything is sleeping;
and while the green things go on
growing unnoticed,
slithering into the dark
with such a practised grace,
men tell stories with unwary lips,
heads drooping to shoulders.
Everything sleeps; a
thousand muttered Hail Marys before
waking at once to
a name not quite lost
in the shouting-
Dear silly daughter,
resting on the doorstep,
too late, forgot the key!
And everyone one wakes thirsty,
wrapping themselves in red gowns;
stealing icy sips of water and
watching the moonlight
fight for purchase
on the silver lawn,
contemplating how
the dunes of dreams have
shifted and disspated
and are nothing more
than sand.
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