bloodandsmoke (bloodandsmoke) wrote in brokencalm,

Obligatory first post

Hello all, this is my first time posting. I'd ask you to be gentle, but I don't really want you to be.

This particular poem is not completely true anymore, but it was something I wrote down briefly in order to get out some lingering emotions. It's weird; now that this situation is resolved and I finally feel sort of happy again, NOW I want to talk about it.

The image is imprinted, afixed to my mind;
This cruel suffocation, this sin I must abide.
Though you say you're sorry I cannot leave behind
these silly things you've kept from me, secrets you hide.

So now comes insomnia, preferable to dreams
of all the things you haven't said, half-truths and lies.
And everytime I let this go, calms things will seem
until I see the mark of worry in your eyes.

And so I must now conclude, resolve to forgive
all the things you haven't done and the things you did.
I know the truth behind this secret life you live
or at least I tell myself this is in my head.

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