Chisaii Kaji (lemonbox) wrote in brokencalm,
Chisaii Kaji

Save The Furries!

I don't know if this is okay,
but I didn't find that is was written as forbidden?

I've become a foster parent for two kittie families of BARC.

Until last night I had 2 nursing mothers & 6 babies(3 each).
As of 12:48am this morning, I lost one.
I spent all of yesterday & last night with her, but she just wasn't strong enough.

One of my kittie families is very sick. They contracted some sort of virus inside the shelter before I picked them up.... now they are battling for their lives. One of the kittens seemed healthy, & I seperated her out immidiately. She is doing well & has been adopted(so to speak) by my own kitties.

The remaining kitten & it's mother are very sick. Not doing well at all!

The mother is coughing & sneezing & is absolutely dripping mucus. Very dehydrated.
She is pretty miserable. She has stopped eating & as a result has stopped producing milk for the baby.
We'd essentially been force feeding her, but this stresses her out so, it's almost not worth it.

The baby is very hopefull, & can be coaxed to eat goats milk & wet cat food.
She still isn't intaking enough. She's catching her mother's illness.
Her dehydration has reached a level that causes horrible diarreah.
This means that none of the benifits of her eating is sticking.

They both need medication, IV fluids, & much much more.

BARC can/will only cover this for a moment.
They will provide some of the IV fluids & medication.
These animinals need much much more.

I'm asking all of you now, please help me!
I'm requesting donations from anyone & everyone.
Anything you can give. Everything helps!
Without this vital assistance, they will die too!

When making a donation, if you'd like updates on these babies...
Comment in your contact info. We can send you pictures & info of their(hopefull) progress.

Thank you!

if donate button fails,
you can donate via paypal to

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